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Where Athletic Training Meets Excellence to Transform Your Entire Family

Our mission is to Transform the city of Winston-Salem!

We use Athletic Training as a tool to help your family lose weight, get stronger, become healthier and more athletic! The workouts we develop will make your athlete dominate their sport!We also ensure you as the parents/young adult develop that lean & athletic physique you've always wanted!

Come to FAST and experience Tribe Transformation for you and your family today!!


What We Stand For

At FAST we are excited about transforming the city of Winston-Salem, using Athletic Training as the vehicle to:

  • Foster Scholastic Excellence

  • Develop World Class Athletes

  • Cultivate Spiritual Health & Wellness

  • Strengthen Tribal Solidarity 

Come in as a family, get your individual needs met, and leave as a stronger unit!! This not only have a positive impact on your household, but for the neighbors and communities as you influence. Our hope is that this leads to a stronger and healthier Winston-Salem!

Bring your family in and experience TheFASTTribe Effect Today!!


FAST was birthed out of a passion to have the youth come off the streets, exert their energy in positive ways, while having positive role models pour into their life.

We believe, that if we captivate our youth early in life, speak their language, while sowing into their lives-we can encourage them to envision and take ownership of a future filled with Hope, Promise and Success!

Fast Forward and now the desire has grown to meet the physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and mental needs of the entire family. This aids in the process of creating a healthy environment at home and to grow the influence from the home, to the neighborhood, to the community and to our city!


www.fasttribe.com offers a weekly schedule of classes for every fitness fan. Whether you want to dial up the intensity or take a more relaxed approach, work your arms or core, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs.

C4 (Adult Fitness)

Functional Traninig


Athletic Training


Athletic Training 

Tighten Your Midsection With This Ab Ripping Exercise! 

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